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Personalized Approach

"The amount of attention and patience my instructors had was AMAZING, really helped me become a better hypnotist"John P (Phoenix AZ)

We here at Streehypnosisnow.com take pride at the level of detail and attention that is given to each student, for this reason our classes are small and spots fill up early. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Imagine if you were to take a class where not only are you getting great value but also the great professionalism. We asked our students what they value the most in a class of this nature and they all valued the one on one attention given by us. You can only get that here.

Real world experience

"WOW! I was actually hypnotizing people on the streets, something I never thought I could have done before taking this class, Thank you!!" Curtis F(Phoenix AZ)

Picture yourself having all the confidence and skills you need to go out there and really hypnotize people, this is what you get when you take this class. 

I'm sure that by now you can see that you won't find these benefits anywhere else. 

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