What would it be like?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have the confidence to walk to any one and show them the amazing phenomenon that is hypnosis?


" When I took this seminar I was surprised at the level of attention and detail that was given to me, you have to take this seminar, it has totally transformed how I approach people and NOW have the confidence to hypnotize anyone. Even my friends have noticed a difference in my confidence." Mike Laverone (Phoenix AZ)



Imagine now what it would be like to really have that confidence and actually go out there and demonstrate these amazing skills.



I know you are probably wondering how can this training truly boost your confidence in such an amazing way. The answer is simple, we will not only cover the theoretical portion of how hypnosis works but YOU will also get true hands on experience, one of a kind .




When you attend this one of a kind training you will discover why so many people get excited and tell their friends about it.... 


"It was totally worth the trip, I feel like a new person, I got so much hands on experience which has given me the confidence I was looking for- AWESOME!! Joseph M (Houston TX)



STOP and ask yourself where you will be in one year if you don't sign up for this class. You should know that this hypnotic training is specifically designed to help YOU, whether you are a  beginner or those who have made a few investments but are looking for ways to really take YOUR hypnotic skills to the next level.



What will you learn?

  1. Instant indutions

  2. Rapid inductions

  3. Arm Pull induction

  4. Hand shake interrupt

  5. How to properly approach people on the street and anywhere else

  6. Suggestibility tests

  7. Pre Talk

  8. Eye Lock

  9. Much more



"This training will easily be worth twice what you paid to anyone that takes it and uses it. I know it was for me." David H, (Phoenix AZ)


All classes are held in Phoenix, AZ


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